About The Owner

I started painting in May, 1983, in Estes Park, Colorado, and trained in custom painting until I moved to Sacramento in January of 1989.

First, I began working with Mid-Valley Painting doing commercial painting, and then moved to V.I.P. Painting into the Showcase Custom Homes. After that, I went through several tract painting companies, Flash and Ardis Rainbow Painting, Bel Air Painting, Fair Oaks Painting ..too many to remember.

It was during my time at Bel-Air that a wise old spray man (and owner) named Robbie Robison saw something in me and decided to teach me how to spray. Within 4 months, I was the foreman in charge of a 400 house project in Woodland, California (and the youngest man on the crew!). After that, I ran another 400 house project in Elk Grove for Fair Oaks Painting where I began training painters in production painting.

I honed in what I learned, spinning knowledge off of a hundred different painters and began formulating my own plans and tricks. I saw just about everything you could put a coat of paint on including industrial painting and electrostatic, new construction to repaint, custom to production, commercial, the whole nine- yards.

The houses we did were at the top of the food chain and nobody delivered a finish like us. We were doing the cabinets and all back then. And I was in charge of those finishes.
So, on July 5th, 1994, I decided to start my own business, Jeff Fairbanks Painting.

In July of 1994, I painted a house you see in the gallery of my website that has been painted twice in the last 26 years. My first house on my own and I have been going ever since.

Now, I promise you im not going to be your cheapest bid, but I do bid the job to do it RIGHT. We don't cut corners or skip steps which is WHY I have exterior repaints lasting 16 years in Estes Park on a regular basis, while other painters will tell you that a normal paint job typically lasts 5 to 7 years.

There is a reason I have so many repeat customers and long term builders, and im positive it isn't my looks! The pain of a job poorly done far outlasts the thrill of a bargain. And a bad (or inexperienced) painter can do a lot of damage, fast.

I have trained at least 100 good painters over the years and can teach you too. It is easier than you think if you just know the tricks. It costs more time and material to repair a bad paint job. When in doubt just ask, even if you are not one of my customers yet, you can send me an email with your question and I would be happy to provide honest and educated feedback.

I take care of all of my customers.

Just because you handed me a check doesn't mean you will never see or hear from me again. My customer service is solid and extremely important. I am here for you if you find something I missed, or even a brush-full of paint. I stand behind my product all the way.


Owner Jeff Fairbanks